Mission | Vision | Strategy

Mission(why we exist) – The Life Church Apollo Beach exists to rescue people from the world. Not just the lost and un-churched, but anyone who is not walking in the fullness of life provided to us through Jesus.

To help people Discover their true identity IN CHRIST which leads to purpose in life.
To Disciple them in their walk WITH CHRIST which helps them find direction in life.
To Empower them in their service TO CHRIST which brings fulfillment in life.

Vision(what God has shown us) – A spiritually healthy group of people who simply live each day with Jesus at the center.

Healthy believers naturally produce good fruit in that everywhere they go, people around them are changed. They become that shining city on a hill that offers hope to all those who see it.

Strategy(our current approach to achieving the Mission) – How will we accomplish our mission & realize the vision?

Discipleship – In order to execute the mission of rescuing people from the world, we will major on Discipleship. Jesus showed us that true discipleship does not happen without relationship. Nor does it happen by attending service once a week. Groups, Classes, Serving, Events, these all lead to strengthening relationships and encouraging discipleship among peers.

o Life Groups – Traditional Life Groups, Men,    Women, Young Adults, Youth, etc. Each are established to help foster relationships which leads to spiritual growth, accountability, friendships, etc.

o Life Track – Our commitment and investment into the ongoing growth and maturity of all those who call The Life Church home. Our goal is to offer resources for both spiritual & practical growth.
o Serve Life – a key component of discipleship is giving of yourself. We encourage all attendees to get plugged in to a department and serve others. This is both inside & outside the church.

o Leader Loop – As stated earlier, Sunday service is about accomplishing the mission. Leader Loop is for all those who serve the mission. It’s a place to connect with your community & continue to grow.

o Events – Church wide events, Holiday events, Outreach events, all of these are designed to build & strengthen relationships with the purpose of greater community & discipleship.

Sunday Service – As stated earlier, relationship is key, therefore our greatest opportunity to rescue people from the world is by providing a soft place for them to land. Sunday service exists as a part of the culture we live in. In other words, people expect Church to happen on Sunday. They also expect to find hope, comfort and community which is exactly what we want to be. Whether new to the faith, growing in your walk or mature and looking to be a part…

The Life Church is “The Place to BE” Begin-Believe-Belong

Sunday Service is not necessarily designed for the “seasoned” Christian. The message is going to be shorter and more topical in order to deliver foundational truths that hopefully provoke a response. The strategy here is to help people connect with The Father and to our community. We will always yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the service, however we know through scripture that He does things in order & with purpose. If you are a member of The Life Church and a more seasoned believer, Sunday service is your opportunity to partner with the mission of the church more than it is a time to sit and receive.

o Atmosphere – Modern, Welcoming, Authentic, Refreshing, Clear Direction, Prepared

o Worship – Current, Authentic, Leading vs Leaving, Enjoyable, Prepared

o Message – Relevant Truth, Authentic, Topical, Foundational, Engaging, Provoking, Inspire Response

o Kids – Relevant, FUN, Well Rounded, Engages Kids & Parents, Safe, Inviting, Resourcing

Generosity – 10% of every dime that is given to The Life Church is set aside to go right back out. We teach tithing as a principle in life and we also walk it out as a church. This 10% is shared across multiple missions & ministry efforts. We believe that God has called us to bless Israel therefore we give directly to ministries that focus on reaching and serving the Jewish people in Israel with the purpose of bringing them the gospel. We additionally value supporting foreign missions & currently support those with a focus on widows & orphans (James 1:27). We also partner with local ministries that serve our community such as food banks, homeless outreach, etc. and set aside funds for local outreach efforts and benevolence.

Community & Outreach – Rescuing people from the world means we go out into the world and shine our light. We believe that the Local Church is planted where God has put them to be a light and hope to their community. We believe strongly in partnering with local ministries to meet the needs of the community as well as doing our part to meet needs that align with our Mission. God has called each ministry with specific purpose. Ours may not be to open a food bank, but we will seek out and partner with those that are doing that specific work as the Lord leads. The same is true with various other ministries that are important to our local community. Sometimes we will initiate an outreach with a specific purpose. We know it is in God’s heart for the church to come together with purpose and serve along side each other.

Foreign Missions – Rescuing people from the world means we support & participate in Foreign Mission works. We believe in sewing into the kingdom work being done across the globe. We specifically feel called to sponsor missions to the Jews in Israel and orphan care ministries in various locations. More info on the ministries we support is available upon request.

Core Values:
Do the Right Thing | Trust (Unity) – Transparency | Embrace Movement – Enjoy the journey | Patience (Crawl-Walk-Run)
Have FUN – No fake smiles! | Develop Leaders – Inspire, Encourage & Empower Leaders | Influence Culture | Seek-Surrender-Serve