Date(s) - 10/05/2019
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Abyss Freediving “Intro to Freediving” workshop is a one day class and pool event for the busy recreational diver. The workshop incorporates fundamentals of freediving safety and problem management, proper breathing and anxiety management, physics and physiology (equalization), proper equipment and in-water skill development. We combine classroom instruction with confined water (pool) skills practice. Pool skills include proper weighting, surface entries, kicking technique, recovery breathing, and simulating rescue and problem managment scenarios. Finally, students will apply freedive safety concepts and freediving breathing techniques learned as they alternately perform and provide safety for underwater static breath-holds. Required equipment is a low volume mask, J snorkel, fins, weight-belt and a full 3mm wetsuit in good condition (to avoid loss of body heat during non-moving static breath-holds).


Apollo Beach Racquet & Fitness
6520 Richies Way
Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Bill Van Deman 317-412-2626

The one day “Intro to Freediving” workshop is designed to meet the classroom and pool requirements for PFI’s “Freediver” open water certification, and includes a digital “PFI Freediver” Manual. Upon completion of workshop and all skill requirements, attendees will have the option to upgrade to a full open water “PFI Freediver” certification course for an additional $150, consisting of two additional open water sessions on a separate date. Students may also achieve just a “PFI Freediver-Pool only” certification if they choose not to participate in open water sessions.

Contact instructor Bill Van Deman 317-412-2626 upon completion of workshop to schedule open waterdates. This PFI “Freediver” and “Pool only” course upgrade is non-transferable to other instructors and may not be available through all PFI instructors.

Apollo Beach

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