Getting back into the Building!

JUNE 7th 2020 | What you need to know



Hello everyone! Here are some important details you need to know about June 7th as we re-open the building.

We have been working hard to ensure your safety here in the building! Obviously, our janitorial staff is taking extra care to clean and sanitize everything, but beyond that, we contracted with a company called  “Open Works” to come in and treat all areas. Their process is designed specifically to treat high capacity rooms for viruses including COVID 19. We want you to be confident that we have done our very best at sanitizing all rooms and surfaces. This treatment was throughout the building, including the Sanctuary, Bathrooms, Cafe/Foyer, & Kids Areas.

Additionally, we will be taking extra precautions to monitor those who attend. When you arrive, please be prepared to follow the direction given by our team. Currently, we are in “Phase 1” of the process which is outlined below. We are going to be updating this information as we work through each phase of re-opening.


Please see all details below.

  • MASKS – masks are NOT required. However, we will have masks available for those that would like them.
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS – We have purchased infrared thermometers to check everyone as they enter. In order to keep everyone safe, if you have a high temperature (over 100), we may ask you to stay outside. 
    • If you are feeling sick or have been running a fever, please stay home.
  • RESERVATIONS – Everyone will need to register for the service they would like to attend. Please click HERE to reserve your spot in either the 9AM or 11AM service. Both will be exactly the same with regard to worship & message.
    • Limited seating is available due to the 50% capacity rule. In order to provide adequate social distancing we can seat up to 75 people per service. Once seating has run out, registration will be locked for that service.
    • We ask that you choose only one service to attend unless you are serving
    • If you are schedule to serve in some area, there is no need to register yourself, but you do need to confirm your schedule via Planning Center Services.
  • CHILDREN – We will not have Children’s Ministry services at this time, but we encourage you to bring them to service with you.
    • We will have some worksheet/coloring activities for them when you arrive. Please bring your own crayons etc.
  • OUTSIDE OPTION – We will have audio from service playing outside for those of you who’d rather stay in your cars or sit outdoors.
    • We encourage you to bring your own chairs just in case.
  • FLOW OF FOOT TRAFFIC – Once you arrive at the church we ask that you fellowship with each other outside until you are ready to enter the sanctuary.
    • An Usher will escort you to your seating. We will seat people as they come for now. Seating will be by groups with 6ft spacing per Social Distancing guidelines.
    • Everyone will enter through the foyer, but we ask that no more than 10 people gather in the foyer at once. Our Ushers will help keep things orderly.
    • Once service has ended, Ushers will dismiss you by sections and everyone will exit through the side door in the sanctuary.
    • You are free to fellowship and congregate outside.
  • COFFEE – The Cafe will be closed but we will have free coffee available outside for you. Our volunteers will serve you as needed.

ONLINE SERVICE – We will continue to stream the services LIVE on Facebook and YouTube as we have been over the past weeks. We recognize that some of you are considered high risk and others are still deciding whether to attend or not. We respect your decisions and encourage everyone to do what is best for you and your family.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can email pastoralcare@thelife.org or message us on social media.

We love you guys & whether it is online or face to face, we are glad you are a part of THE LIFE CHURCH !!