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Have you ever opened your eyes and wondered- HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE?

 Has something ever NOT gone the way you specifically planned it to, or simply expected it to, or really NEEDED it to go?  How did you react? How much did you enjoy it? How did you process and deal with it?

Some of us take it in stride trusting completely in God.  Others wrestle with a whirlwind of emotions.  We find ourselves faced with disappointment, confusion, lack of trust in God, and lack of direction of what to do next.  If you fall into the latter group, first know that you are human.  Second, be encouraged there is HOPE in the moments you wonder “How in the world did I get here”.


Key Passages: Psalms 138:7-8 (NKJ)

7-Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, And Your right hand will save me.

8– The Lord will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.”


Faith vs Trust

We have two choices when we are faced with a hill we must climb, even if the hill contains obstacles, barriers, or even giants.  We can give up and stay in the ditch or we can choose to have faith and trust in God.  Let’s look at how they are different.

Faith = Trust in Action

This is active.  It is moving forward and doing everything in response to what I am believing for or what God has spoken.

Trust = Faith in Rest

This is the place where we have done everything we know how to do, there is nothing else we can do, and all we can do is trust in faith.  This where our limits begin, and HIS limitlessness picks up.  In our weakness He has more room to work His strength.  It takes practice staying connected to truth, but it will encourage you in what you face and protect you from mental ditches.

Q:  Do you find yourself outside of faith and trust in God?  If so, what lead you to this point?


Stay connected to hope

Read Psalm 32.  He is your hope and source!  Don’t disconnect from your source of life. If you have disconnected, it’s ok… you can reconnect… THERE IS HOPE!

What are you believing for? What does your hill look like?

  • A miraculous healing?
  • Maybe your marriage isn’t going the way you planned…
  • Or motherhood wasn’t quite what you expected….
  • Didn’t get the job you were believing for or lost the job you felt God gave you?
  • Or did you lose the job that you thought God gave you?
  • Any anxiety over the election? Pandemic? Future? Transitions?
  • Do you feel angry? Do you feel abandoned?

He is with us. We are not wandering. We are not lost without covering. He is working to accomplish what concerns us and He will not abandon the work of His own hands.

Q:  What is your hill? What are you believing God for? Is it going as expected?


You are the work of His hands!  

He will not forsake you!  What you focus on expands- so let’s focus on the power of God. The hope that comes with Him.

Change your focus to praying for what’s next.  Stand firm in what we know He has called each of us to and keep climbing our hill!!!  Let’s avoid to mental ditches and disconnection just because things aren’t going as planned.  Let’s put more trust in Him.

There is hope — let’s climb!

Q:  Can you start the climb up your Hill with FAITH & CONFIDENCE that Jesus will climb with you?  


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