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The Harvest is work

There are no shortcuts. There are no 3 step programs or easy formulas. There are no microwave options or drive through- ready made versions. Our Culture has given us a skewed idea of the Harvest. We see the beginning, the fun parts and then the end. We forget the WORK in between. Helping people find eternal life is WORK! That’s why Jesus used the Harvest to illustrate this. There is however, the joy of doing the WORK we were created to do from the beginning of time.

Key Passage: Genesis 2:15 (NLT)

“The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.”

We were created to WORK

God spoke everything into creation, but here the Bible tells us that there were no plants or grains because he had not sent rain and NO PEOPLE to cultivate the soil. He wanted to create something for us to WORK on. His plan from the beginning for man was to be a part of the Harvest. The very first thing the Bible teaches us about God is that He engaged in incredibly vigorous, prolonged, creative work, and He enjoyed it— both the work itself and the fruit of His work. We were created in His image. Our work is to be creative (“be fruitful and multiply”), vigorous (“have dominion . . . subdue”), and give us joy (God “blessed” us with His mandate). God always meant for our work to be shared with Him and to share in His joy.

Q: When you hear the word work, what comes to mind? Why do you think that is?

Work your own soil first

Read Mathew 13:18-23. The WORK starts with the soil. The seed is good! The soil was the problem. Therefore, how do you get good soil? It must be cultivated, which is work. When we get ourselves right, we naturally help others get right. There were 3 primary issues that Jesus illustrated that I think still stand true today.

  1. Lack of Understanding – truth is snatched up by the enemy.
  2. Shallow Roots – problems and persecution uproot our faith.
  3. Cares of Life – pursuing our own will versus His.

Q: Write down what your soil is like. Is it one of these or a combination of soils at times? What steps can you take to cultivate healthy soil?

Overflow – More than was planted

Do you want to receive all that God has for you? To receive means “to take; to seize; lay hold of, claim and procure.” It’s not a passive process—it’s active.

Every seed you’ve ever sown will reap a harvest—no matter how long it has been out there. Think back on all your tithing and sowing. There is a harvest to reap from every single seed, so get your mind on the harvest. Part of reaping every harvest is believing it is coming to you. Don’t leave spiritual crops in the field. If you haven’t thought of yourself as a harvester until now, start thinking of yourself that way. Roll up your spiritual sleeves and get to work.

God created you to be good soil! See yourself as good soil He intended!

  • being saved by grace to lead others to salvation
  • marriage healed to heal marriages
  • finances blessed to bless others
  • deliverance from addiction to deliver others
  • understanding growing to give understanding to others
  • heart softening to soften the heart of others
  • the love of God flowing over and through you into the world

Q: Personalize the list above. What bullet point stands out to you the most?



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