Halloween was very different for almost everybody growing up. For some of us, it was just like any other day, because our parents wouldn’t allow us to celebrate it so we sat in front of our TV and vegged out for the night. For others, it was a day where candy flowed freely from their jack-o-lanterns, or in some instances: pillowcases.

Whatever you might have done for Halloween growing up, those memories stick with you. Whether you realize it or not, Halloween is one of those holidays that solidify in some way our belief system. If you weren’t allowed to celebrate it, maybe now you try to either avoid any secular content or you try to overconsume it to compensate. If you were allowed to celebrate it, maybe you were judged for it by other church-goers and it formed a belief in you that way. There are plenty of different ways that our younger life experiences dictate how we live life now.

So just like celebrating Halloween, I want to show you how God’s abundance is a connected and more tangible concept than we think.

Living An Abundant Life In Every Way

“God doesn’t come to kill, steal, or to destory. That’s the enemy. God comes to give abundant life. Know your God so you don’t get confused.” -Mike Pilavachi

We all know Halloween is a controversial topic in the Christian community, even simply just from my explanation previously about the many childhoods we’ve had. Even with having controversy, however, there is an underlying theme that we can all grasp to.

God’s abundance and the opportunity of living a life with no strings attached and full of fun is what is available to all who call themselves a son or daughter of God. We as Christians have been called to be set apart, of course, but we’ve also been called to living a life that’s FUN! If we’re hiding away in our homes when the majority of America is out getting endless supplies of candy, that’s not very fun, is it?

Christianity should be enticing. The Gospel is the most life-giving, exciting, exhilarating thing there is if we really tap into the truth in it. Therefore, why not make it that much more appealing for a holiday the church normally shuts off their lights and waits patiently for?

Making Memories That Last

In various parts of scripture, as I will paraphrase, Jesus has called us to be separate and though we live in the world we need to have some distinction with some decisions we choose. Halloween can certainly be one of these, but hiding away in your home and avoiding the day as a whole isn’t the best answer.

Instead, why not make memories that your kids or friends will remember as fun and worthy to be remembered? Make a holiday a lot of the Christian world tries to forget into a holiday that is jam-packed with exciting and nostalgic memories.

According to the National Retail Federation, 7 out of 10 consumers plan to hand out candy for Halloween.

With this statistic, it’s very clear Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday. Why shouldn’t the Christian community do the same, but in their own way? That is where festivals, trunk-or-treats, and church events come into play.

A Better, FREE Halloween Alternative

Maybe you already know of church events going on in your area that you haven’t quite pulled the trigger on and decided to go to celebrate Halloween a little differently this year. Quite possibly you might be in the group that has never celebrated Halloween at all, and this would be just as much for you as it is for anybody else. There are plenty of local events, festivals, trunk-or-treats, you name it that are made just for you to have a memorable but safe Halloween.

If you’re in the Apollo Beach or greater Tampa area, The Life Church hosts an annual Harvest Festival on Halloween night that is for the very purposes of what I’ve written about.

2019 Halloween Party - Apollo Beach FL

It’s All Free In Apollo Beach On Halloween

  • Games for little ones
  • Rides for adults
  • Music that gets you vibing
  • Giveaways that anyone would love
  • 600 lbs. of candy
  • Free candy for each child

This event was created to make amazing memories.

One of the most notable things about the Harvest Festival is that we’ve begun raising our goal of 600 lbs of candy. Our desire is that every child that walks away has a giant sack of candy and knows that especially in regards to the Church, our God is not a God of lack. He is a God of abundance and Halloween candy is no exception.

Another very important thing to keep in mind about this event is that it is completely FREE. We want everyone to come and enjoy the benefits of making memories with their friends and family. From the food to games, to giveaways, and especially candy, we want it to be an experience that doesn’t take away but leaves you feeling filled.

What’s even better, is that that’s exactly the kind life that God has for you too.

If you’re interested in more information about the Harvest Festival, please click the link here.

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